The 6 Stages of the Customer Lifecycle

Whenever you communicate with your audience, it’s important to keep their buyer journey and the customer lifecycle—from awareness to advocacy—in mind. Understanding where each individual is in their unique buyer’s journey allows you to have relevant conversations with them. Your buyers have a goal—to fill a need or solve a problem they have. To help, […]


One of the best ways to engage your audience is by providing them with a compelling reason to share your message with their networks in a way that is natural and seamless. Word-of-mouth marketing and peer recommendations are an extremely powerful way to increase brand visibility through social proof, as people believe their network of […]


Many marketers use their website as the ‘home base’ for their marketing activities—driving visitors to their site to continue to engage and eventually convert them. An important part of getting people to your website includes your ranking in organic search results, which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is a strategic activity […]


Social media offers marketers more than a way to reinforce your brand. It’s also a good way to drive people to a conversion or sale by bringing in new marketable contacts into your database and nurturing them across all channels. Develop offers, promotions, contests, and content that engages your audience more deeply and drives conversion—from […]


Building your following on Twitter is a key activity that drives awareness and engagement success on the social network. There are a variety of techniques marketers can use to build their following—let’s explore four key ways: 1. Create Engaging Tweets: Because Twitter is so fast-paced, it’s important that you post regularly. Without regular posts, your […]