To build your social presence, it’s critical to make your social profiles
visible on your other channels.
Do your email templates have links to your social media profiles at
the bottom?
These often appear as small icons that hyperlink to each profile, so as not to disrupt the user experience.
What about your website? Do you have “share” buttons that enable your audience to share, like, or recommend content whether those are blogs, videos, or info-graphics with their network?

Aside from having a strong social media presence on the channels
your buyers are on, it’s important for you to leverage social capabilities
across your other channels website, email, and beyond.

Most of your audience has a Facebook or Twitter account.
Make it easy for your buyers to fill out a form to download an asset or register for an event by using their existing social media account to autofill it.
This will not only help you ensure you have an easy-to-use solution, but also capture rich data that can inform your future campaigns.