Early-, Mid-, and Late-Stage Messages

There are different types of messages that you can deliver over social media and often those messages correlate to the goal you are trying to accomplish. These messages work to nudge buyers along the entire lifecycle—from awareness to advocacy. Let’s look at how to identify and define the different categories of messages:

Early: Early-stage messages on social media are fun, entertaining, and educational. These could include sharing or curating relevant news, offering helpful tips on how to do something, or displaying visual content.

Mid: Mid-stage messages on social media are educational, engaging, and often drive toward a goal. And that goal is often to build trust with your audience and get them to engage with you further. Some examples include social contests, a free subscription to a newsletter, or an invitation to an event. These are appropriate for getting to know more information about your prospects or customers—you share something with them and they share something with you.

Late: Late-stage messages on social media are educational, informative, and drive conversions. However, it’s still important that, at any stage, your message is on- brand and interesting—which can be accomplished through visuals. These messages could be a click-to- purchase, offering a demo, signing up for a trial, or recommending your brand to a friend. All of these drive metrics that ultimately support a conversion—a new name, a sale, etc.