Make sure your Instagram account name is very similar to your company’s name and that it’s set to public so that users can easily find you through search, hashtags, and their networks’ activity.

• Post at peak times. Because Instagram is a mobile-only app, users can only access it on their mobile devices, and your posts can quickly be filtered down by the time they open the app.
These times will vary depending on who your audience is.

• Identify the hashtags that fit for your business and product, the trending hashtags (like throwback Thursday #TBT) that you want to participate in, and those that are unique to your brand and incorporate them in every single post.
Consider using a branded hashtag as well. Simply Measured reports that 70% of the most-used hashtags are branded.

• You can only post images or videos on Instagram, so if you want to share text, such as a quote or important takeaway, you can create an image with the text
written within it. In this example, Cisco shares a statistic on the rise of wearable device usage by uploading a photo of text.

• Use Instagram Stories to post more frequently without overwhelming your audience.
This feature makes your content available for 24-hours, and you can choose
which ones you want to save to your regular feed for a longer shelf life.

Instagram Paid Advertising
On Instagram, brands can advertise through a wide variety of photographs and video imagery.
Through single photo ads and multiple photo carousel ads, you can advertise content that appears like a seamless addition to the user’s Instagram Feed.