Presentation-sharing platforms, like other social media platforms, play acritical role in the research your buyer does long before they get in touch with you.

Presentation-sharing platforms such as SlideShare and Scribd offer yet another way for you to display your content, educate your audience, and support your SEO strategy.
For an organization just getting started on a presentation-sharing platform,
a good place to start is by auditing the content on your corporate website
and uploading key pieces.

Think of these sites as an extension of the “Resources” or “Downloads” section on
your company website, with the added benefit of even greater exposure.
Upload and share content that addresses your buyer personas and track which sites are most popular with each persona. Then, refine which topics and content work best on different sites.
Types of content you may want to share include infographics, slide decks, and webinar slides.

• Make it a part of something bigger:
Your presentation is more powerful if it’s part of a much larger content initiative.
If your presentation is part of a larger campaign, you have the opportunity to engage
your audience further, with content that you know will interest them.

• Base your presentation on a topic in which you are an expert:
Leverage subject matter experts within your company for topics
they are knowledgeable in. This ensures that you are offering your audience a unique and expert point of view on a topic and providing value.
ContentMarketing Institute’s SlideShare provides users with educational content around different aspects of content marketing, which is their expertise, from how-to, to stakeholder buy-in, to SEO.


• Take it on the road:
Use your presentation outside of simply posting it to the presentationsharing platform.
Share it at a company meeting, user groups,meetups, and conferences.

• Get SEO Value: Make sure that all of your presentations are optimized for SEO,
so you can reap the search engine rewards from the work that
you have done and drive traffic not only to your presentation and channel, but back to your website.