The Power of Visuals – PHOTOS

The ease at which you can share photos and images with others is a huge boon for companies. It lets you record and increase the visibility of company events, industry conferences, user groups, and more. On social media, you can build a visual vocabulary that defines your brand for your audience in the same way that a traditional written-word style guide typically does.
Social audiences—prospects and customers—love visual content, so make sure you are consistently using images in your marketing mix. Here are the top three reasons why you should frequently use photos and images in your social media marketing campaigns:
1. Appeals to emotions: Visual content appeals to the viewer’s emotions in a way that text is unable to. Thanks to the simplicity of photo and image sharing applications, text is an afterthought.
2. Creates intimacy: Photos help humanize your company. Now, customers and prospects can relate to your brand message via photos—without a plethora of emails.
3. Engages: Photo and image sharing applications provide the perfect opportunity for your business to engage your audience in a fun way through contests and other image- centric campaigns.